Monterreydoor is proud to announce our energy conserving insulation technology! Polythermadoor CFC-free, Polyurethane insulation with Polythermadoor construction provides an R-value of 20.4 and U-factor up to 0.24

Whether you live in a cold or hot environment, our Polythermadoor technology will keep the inside temperature as it should be. Better than any other Polyurethane insulation previously in existence, our technology represents the ultimate smart choice for homeowners will save you money while keeping you comfortable in your own home. Polythermadoor is a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into the 2” tubing of the monterreydoor expanding to fill the entire structure.The result is a door with incredible strength and durability Its dense insulation also produces a quieter door, while its industry-leading R-values up to 20.4 provide years-round conford and improved energy efficiency.

Low-Emission Glass It’s estimated that nearly 25% of a home’s heat is lost through its windows. Monterreydoor includes insulated Low-Emission (Low-E), tempered, 5/8” glass on all of its doors. Not only does it great, but can dramatically save on energy costs as well.

Energy Saver
Energy Saver

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